© Cheddarhead Fantasy Football League 2016


Each Team in the CFFL must submit a team name to the Commissioner no later than one

week prior to Draft Day. Team names MUST include a city that does not already have a

Professional Football Franchise.

All franchise owners shall bring $60.00 to the annual CFFL Draft. $50.00 from each franchise’s

fees will be put aside for year end prizes while the remaining $10.00 from each franchise will

be set aside for weekly scoring prizes during the regular season. There is also a charge of

$7.00 per team to cover the cost of the Live Scoring Website.  The teams who were on the

LOSING Pro Bowl Team the previous year are also charged an extra $5.00 to help cover the

cost of food at the Fantasy Draft.

The CFFL is a Keeper League in which franchise owners will re-submit all players on his/her

roster back into the draft pool except for 3 keeper players from his/her roster. Each franchise

owner will be able to keep a protected player for no more than 3 consecutive seasons. 

However, if a teams keeper player should decide to retire AFTER the date of which keeper

players are named but prior to the C.F.F.L. Draft, the team that had the now retired player as

one of his/her keeper players would be able to release the retired player and name another

keeper player from his/her previous years roster.


The Fantasy Draft shall be held on the FOURTH SATURDAY of every AUGUST. The location of

the draft will be determined prior to draft day and the league will be notified of the location as

well as directions to the location of the draft.  Every 5th year draft, i.e. Fantasy Draft XXV,

XXX, XXXV, etc., will be held in Las Vegas.  The drafts in Las Vegas will be held as close as


The CFFL Fantasy Draft shall last no more than 20 rounds or until each team has a full

training camp roster of 22 players. The selecting order will be determined by order of finish

except for the first 6 picks, which are determined through the First Pick Lottery Playoff. 

If an owner does not show up to the draft by the time he/she is to make his/her first pick, their

pick will be made by the computer until he/she shows up. The pick will be determined by the

best available player list. This will continue for each round that the franchise owner is absent

or until his/her roster is filled by the minimum player requirements.


Each franchise roster shall consist of NO MORE THAN 18 players. Each Team may have NO

MORE THAN 2 QB and 2 DT. The other 14 players can be allocated by owners discression

with RB and REC.

A Team may list a player on the IR List as long as the player is listed as out or doubtful in the

weekly NFL Injury Report listed on the Live Scoring Website. A replacement player may be

picked up for the injured player. Teams will be able to forego the roster limits by 1 player at

the position that has the injured player.

The Defensive/Special Team (DTST) “Player”, unlike the field players, is an entire NFL team.

Your DTST will also get the points normally scored to a KICKER. Each team MUST start a



The yearly CFFL Schedule will be randomly determined and presented prior to the league

draft. League Divisions will be randomly decided at the Annual Draft. 

The League will be split into 3 divisions.  Two Divisions will contain 5 teams leaving One

Division with 4 teams.


The CFFL season will last for the beginning 13 weeks of the NFL season and the playoffs will

last for the next 3 weeks of the NFL season ending with the Fondue Fantasy Bowl on week 16

of the NFL season. 

There will be 8 teams in the Fondue Fantasy Bowl Playoffs. They will include the top 3

division winners and 5 wild card teams.

In the event of a tie the 1st QB on each teams non sstarting lineup will be pitted against each

other. The player with the highest score will win the game. If there is still a tie, the RB will be

used until the tie is broken. If we go through ALL PLAYERS on the two team's NON


REGULAR SEASON will be considered the winner of the playoff game.

The 6 teams that do not make the Championship Playoffs will be pitted against each other in

the 1st Pick Lottery Playoffs. The Team winning the Lottery Playoff will receive 6 balls in the

first pick lottery. 2nd place 5 balls, 3rd place 4 balls, 4th place 3 balls, 5th place 2 balls, and

6th place 1 ball. The Lottery will be held at the Monday Night Football gathering of

Championship weekend.

The week 17 Pro Bowl Game will be played and coached by the 2 teams that played in the

Championship Game. The winning coach will coach a team made up of teams finishing the

season in positions 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13. The losing team will coach a team made up of teams

finishing the season in positions 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14. These two teams would play one head to

head game consisting of All Star rosters determined by the team’s coach. Each team of

starters must have one player from each team in his pool. The two coaches will email a

starting lineup for the week 17 NFL game weekend to the Commissioner. 

The members of the losing All Star team would be responsible for covering the cost of the

food at the annual CFFL draft. A charge of $5.00 will be added to the account of each member

of the losing Pro Bowl Team.


For regular season and Playoff games, each franchise owner shall submit a starting lineup on

the LIVE SCORING WEBSITE no later than kickoff on the day of the first NFL game for the


In the event of an early week game (Thursday or Saturday), a franchise owner may submit

only the starters for those games on the LIVE SCORING WEBSITE no later than kickoff of the

game leaving the rest of the lineup until Sunday morning. 

Should a Team not submit early starter and also not submit a lineup on Sunday, the previous

weeks lineup will be used however, the player that played in the early game for that week will

receive 0 points for the early player no matter what that player did during the game.

Acceptable starting lineups will include one of the following two scenarios: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3

REC, 1 DTST, 1 Flex Player. OR 1 QB, 1 RB, 4 REC, 1 DTST, 1 Flex Player. The Flex Player can

be either a RB or a REC.

Any franchise owner who does not submit a starting lineup on the LIVE SCORING WEBSITE

will use the previous weeks lineup with no changes by the Commissioner.


See Live Scoring Website

It is the responsibility of each owner to make sure their score matches with the LIVE

SCORING WEBSITE score. Any discrepancy will be researched and changed if needed.

Games AND scores become official 2 weeks after the game has been played.


Trades MAY NOT be made after week 11 of the CFFL season and may resume immediately

following the Championship game.

All trades will be charged a fee of $1.00 per player OR draft pick traded. Each team will be

charged for total number of players and draft picks included in the trade. (Fees will go into a

pot to be divided by the 7 teams on the 3 DIVISION CHAMPIONS).

Any trade whose agreed upon or intended purpose is for loaning of players will not be

allowed by the Commissioner. Any trade that is made for this purpose will be nullified. If the

traded player scores for either team, the points from that player will be forfeited.


All players not on a current CFFL roster are considered unrestricted free agents. Owners may

sign as many free agents as they wish at the cost of $1.00 per player signed.  (Fees will be

split between the 3 DIVISION CHAMPIONS).

All Free Agent moves that happen between DRAFT DAY and the Kick Off of week one games and all free agent moves during the PLAYOFFS will not be assessed a charge.

Waiver Wire Transaction day is Wednesday for all games.  All Waiver Wire moves will run

through the Live Scoring Website.  They will run at 10:00PM CST on WEDNESDAY.

The team with the worst record is awarded first pick. If there is a tie in records, consult the tie-

breaker scenarios listed below.

After the Waiver Wire moves are run on Wednesday, the Free Agent period will begin on

FRIDAY 12:00PM CST and run through NOON CST on SUNDAY of each week.  After noon

on Sunday, pickups will be locked until the next Wednesday when Waivers run again.


Wins and losses determine the standings in this head-to-head league. Naturally, head-to-head

record will be the first tie breaker in any tie scenario. However, should head to head record

NOT break the tie, Victory Points will be the second tie breaker.

Victory Points work this way: Each win = 2 points Each tie = 1 point Each loss = 0 points

Scoring in top 1/3 for the week = 2points Scoring in mid 1/3 for the week = 1 point Scoring in

bottom 1/3 for the week = 0 points The Waiver order would still be set via the following: 1. 

Overall Record 2.  Victory Points 3.  Total Points Scored 4.  Last Weeks Point Total

When it comes to deciding Division standings the tie breaker scenarios go as follows:  Head

to head record, Division Record, Victory Points.


1st Place $350.00

2nd Place $175.00

3rd Place $87.00

4th Place $48.00

5th & 6th Place will receive $20.00 each

(There is not a cash prize for 7th or 8th place in the Championship Playoffs)