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DAJANA GUDIC Dajana is a Serbo-Croatian swimsuit model.  She was born February13, 1990.  She has been featured on prominent websites like Sports Illustrated and has a huge following of almost 600K on Instagram. Dajana attended Mentor High School in Mentor, Ohio and began modeling when she was 15 years old.  She had a small role in the 2017 comedy film, “All-Star Weekend.” Dajana considers herself a very chill girl.  One reason to be infatuated with her is that she eat potato chips on the beach without a towel or blanket.  If you are thinking you may be boyfriend material, understand this one little thing. She says, “A great boyfriend is a man who loves unconditionally and shows it through his actions. Someone who calls randomly just to see how your day is going. He is loyal, honest, respectful and always makes you a priority.”  She continued, “I’ve had a guy lie to me saying he was in a restaurant while he was getting a lap dance at a strip club. I found out and broke up with him, not because he got a lap dance, but because he lied. Once you show you’re capable of lying, I’m automatically turned off. So, boys, be honest! Chances are we’ll catch you in a lie anyway!” This blonde haired, blue eyed swimsuit model stands 5’9” tall and wears a size 2 dress.  Her measurements are 34-26-35.