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DAHM TRIPLETS Jaclyn, Erica and Nicole Dahm were born December 12, 1977 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  They are of Irish and British descent.  They are models and TV personalities. When the twins were born, and as they grew up, they were SO identical that their parents had difficult times telling them apart.  So much so, that they resorted to tattooing the girls in order to tell the difference between them.  Jaclyn, the youngest of the three was not given any tattoo; Erica who is the second oldest was marked with 2 tattoos and Nicole, the oldest was given one tattoo.  The tattoos are located on the girl’s butts. The triplets grew up doing and having almost everything in common including friends, outfits, etc.  As they grew older they all wanted to pursue a career in the medical line and become nurses.  After high school they enrolled in the nursing program at the University of Minnesota.  The triplets began modeling at the age of 16 when they landed a spot on the cover of Teen Magazine.  They never really thought much about going any further with the whole modeling thing until they noticed a circular on the campus of U. of Minnesota for Playboy’s Girls of the Big Ten Special Edition.  They went on a trial shoot and went on to be featured in several issues of Playboy and even appeared once on the front cover of the Australian edition of Playboy. After this debut with Playboy as nude models they became widely known and they decided to forgo their career dreams as nurses to move to California for a chance at showbiz. Now for the freaky stuff.  The triplets are all married and they have two children each comprising of a daughter and a son.  They had their first pregnancies at almost the same time and had their deliveries weeks apart from each other. Jaclyn, Erica and Nicole Dahm each stand 5’8” tall.  They weigh 115 pounds have blonde hair and blue eyes.  Their measurements are: 34C-25-34.